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“We undertake to ensure that all tasks are carried out to the satisfaction of the client’s needs and that the delivery of service is premised on the principles of impartiality, accuracy, reliability, integrity and quality of service”

Transport Logistics Consulting

Logistics elements in projects form a significant part of any project and requires that project owners commence with looking at construction logistics and logistics relating to the inbound and outbound supply chains from the outset.

The unforgiving and generally undeveloped African logistics landscape and geographies can be the nemesis of any project and project owners need to get specialist advice throughout their project pipeline, and not to leave this to a later project phase. This will significantly lower the risk of project failure and enhance the viability of the project.

A-Cubed consult predominantly to the private sector on a host of logistics matters. This includes mining companies, investors, banks, manufacturers, trade blocs, junior miners, transporters, ship owners, freight forwarders and ships agents, and transport corridor entities.

A-Cubed Consulting offers their proven toolkit of consulting services

  • Ship chartering

  • Freight market reviews

  • Logistics cost modelling

  • Port and route optimisation

  • Route analysis and assessments

  • Marine fleet modelling and selection

  • Due diligence on logistics routes, systems, freight markets and transport links

  • Offshore transhipment feasibility studies

  • Beach landing investigations and feasibility studies

  • Conceptual, pre-feasibility and feasibility logistics studies

  • Construction phase inbound logistics – feasibility studies and cost modelling

  • Inbound and outbound supply chain optimisation

  • Transport corridor investigation and advice

Port & Terminal Consulting

A-Cubed Consulting advises clients on port and terminal matters from both the public and private sectors, including public ports, companies interested in entering or expanding in the port sector, other government entities, investment companies, mining companies, shipping companies, engineering firms and many others.

The disciplines covered, include:

  • Port and terminal Investigations and optimisations

  • Port tariff development, benchmarking and analysis

  • Port regulations development 

  • Port operations and management studies

  • Independent terminal audits

  • Seaport clients include companies interested in entering or expanding in the port sector, public ports and other government entities, banks, mining companies, shipping companies, engineering firms and many others

  • Port and terminal due diligence for greenfield and brownfield port projects

  • Optimising stevedoring processes for various commodities

  • Market assessment and traffic forecasting

  • Stockpile geospatial surveys and design, installation and management of stockpile measurement and auditing systems through a3 marine & survey

  • Supply and maintenance of materials handling equipment and stockyard development through Ports of Africa

Geospatial Stockpile Measurement & Marine Surveying

a³ marine & survey has the expertise and equipment required to effectively and efficiently provide a range of services in the field to the client and their counterparty that reduces risk exposure and provides visibility throughout the entire supply chain.

The integrity of inventory is monitored, tested, recorded and reported on using appropriate globally-benchmarked techniques.

The a³ marine & survey specialist in the field is not only the eyes and ears of cargo owners and other interested parties, they bring years of experience in the field and an in-depth knowledge of products, materials handling and trading processes to bear. This adds value to the client.


  • Damage surveys

  • Pre-purchase surveys

  • Condition surveys

Certified master mariners supported by experienced and qualified surveyors are ready at short notice to mobilise and undertake all necessary marine surveys. Such surveys are usually required by those with an interest in the cargo (cargo owners and banks), ship owners and operators, ships agents, investors and freight forwarders.


  • Mine and smelter stockyard inspections 

  • Third party inspections

  • Load point inspections (stockpiling)

  • Ring fenced storage and cargo areas

  • Stockpile security at yards, terminals and specific buildings / warehouses.

  • Temperature monitoring of cargo

Experienced surveyors provide a comprehensive range of services using industry-recognised inspection methods. Such services are offered throughout central, eastern and southern Africa.

Third party inspections (witnessing and monitoring) assists the client in reducing commodity risk and protects high value bulk commodity cargoes, significantly reducing risk of loss exposure to the trading parties involved. Inspections take place in real time during transparent custody transfer and storage operations inland, or at the port.


  • The geospatial measurement of bulk stock in an open or undercover area is undertaken using 3D surface mapping and photogrammetry software, volumetric laser scanners and field surveying methods, as well as the deployment of remotely piloted aircraft over vast sites and in confined spaces. Remote monitoring systems are also used to provide stock measurement facilities at any particular time with data transmitted offsite in real-time for processing and analysis with feedback within 24-hrs.

  • The aerial survey technique is gaining increasing support for large stockyards and / or those where the stockpile profile within the yard are of an irregular size.

  • a³ marine & survey provides the right options for any challenge and the right equipment for the task at hand.

a³ marine & survey’s highly qualified personnel are ready to mobilise to site 24/7 providing a reliable and quality-driven service, closely conforming to the requirements of the South African Geomatics Institute (SAGI) as well as those of the South African Council for Professional and Technical Surveyors (PLATO), where applicable.

Inspections and audits as well as all operations are planned and promoted according to standard protocols geared to satisfy and indeed exceed the client’s expectations.